Success Stories

What kind of results do my clients get?

Clients I have worked with have:

• moved from a toxic work environment to creating their dream job.
• taken their hobby and turned it into a satisfying career
• turned an idea into a product.
• reignited their creative spark
• started with a perceived demotion at work and ended up running the company
• and best of all have turned lives lived in  state of fear into lives filled with joy and self love.

What my clients have to say

Daniel is an incisive coach helping to cut to the core of an issue.  With a wealth of valuable experience, he helps executives create practical solutions to business and life challenges.  Working with Daniel is a joy as he introduces a diverse array of tools and adds unique insights to help broaden and deepen solution sets.
– Jeff S., sr. partner, investment management firm


By the time I started coaching sessions with Daniel I felt completely worn out by life. I’d been unhappy for such a long period of time and coming back to a place of joy seemed impossible. Daniel would remind me several times over the course of a year that I didn’t have to live in a depressed state and that I could change not only my perspective but the direction of my life. He told me that I already had the answers to my deepest and most perplexing questions… within. Drawing the answers out would prove difficult but Daniel never failed to present me with a variety of tools and questions that helped me through the process. I always left our sessions with a great deal of determination, “life would be grand…!” I’d tell myself but the very next moment I would hear Daniel’s voice in my head saying, “life IS grand!”. I have since learned to rely on this sort of optimism without being reminded – it is very much a part of who I’ve become. And indeed, the direction of my life has changed dramatically – I’m on an entirely new career path and have already achieved huge successes. Many of the broken relationships I had have been restored. Daniel often asked me to define and envision my successes and I believe this was essential to actually achieving them.
– H.K., director of public relations


I want to work with you more in the near future. I know that working with you has effected and accelerated positive change in my life!
– Myke, interior designer


I had the pleasure of meeting Daniel during a leadership course in San Francisco where we spent weekly conversations via skype together for three months between two intense experiential study weeks.  It was within a very short amount of time that I discovered Daniel to have a rare energy about him; a quality, which draws you in, finds your strengths and transforms you.  I can only describe my experience with Daniel as transformational.  Prior to the leadership program and knowing Daniel, I was perhaps both a cynic and skeptic when it came to “transformational” moments or stages in life.  As I had never experienced such intensity of change, nor felt compelled to trust someone enough to give it any hope, I did not understand the concept.  My words cannot do justice to the moment that Daniel found in me; he opened my eyes with his compassion, his sensitivity and his depth of human understanding.  He remains for me one of the most remarkable people I have ever met, and he always will.
– Caroline Hardman, director of learning & development, Madinat Jumeirah.


My experience coaching with Daniel has been wonderful. He’s accompanied me as I name my goals and dreams and take the steps to achieve them. I may well not have taken these steps without his support. Most importantly, Daniel keeps me accountable to my dreams so I can be my best self and live my best life. I highly recommend Daniel for the warmth, wisdom, integrity, and compassion he brings to the coaching process.
– Debra Lamfers, principal & creative director Lamfers & Associates


After years of deferring my creative bliss, Daniel helped me identify the very core of my need to draw and paint. Together, and in short order, we’ve transformed a vague mental picture of my potential as an artist into a highly functional reality.
– Mark Garrett, artist