Meet Daniel

Daniel GoldsteinI have been an entrepreneur and practicing fine artist all my adult life. I am fortunate to have had early success in exhibiting my works internationally in museums and galleries in my mid twenties. My career and my life were expanding rapidly in rewarding ways including a one person exhibition at the Brooklyn Museum at age 32. All of this momentum stopped at 34 when I was diagnosed with HIV/AIDS and my partner of ten years died the following year.  My life, work and relationship priorities were turned upside down. Up until then my primary focus had been my two dimensional art. That all changed.  I knew that my friends, family and service to my community were my new priorities along with returning to my first love, sculpture.  In the midst of the most horrific epidemic this country has seen in over a half century my community had to reassess and re-imagine our lives.  Many of us became caregivers and activists.  With the ups and downs of the epidemic and my health (pretty great now) my life has been a constant process of reexamining my priorities and defining those values that are most important to me.

I have continued to make art (mostly mobiles. Thank you, Mr. Calder) but I also felt the need to get involved in and support my community in crisis.  In addition to taking care of my dying friends and my own challenged health, I co-founded and lead two successful non-profit organizations: Visual AID and Under One Roof.

Some of the art I make relates to the experience of living with HIV/AIDS which I hope contributes to a greater understanding of what it means to be living with a life threatening illness ( However, art making is primarily a solo activity.  I found that working with people to effect positive change in other ways was equally satisfying and important.  That is why I trained to become a personal and leadership coach at The Coaches Training Institute and why I went on to complete their highly esteemed leadership program. I find leading groups and coaching extremely rewarding.  Many of my clients are in creative fields and I enjoy working with them to help them focus on the work they want to do and how to navigate their career as working artists.  I have worked with film makers, fine artists, graphic artists, architects, musicians, performers and creative directors.  Whether you consider yourself to be in a creative field or not I know that coaching itself is a very creative endeavor.  We are the ones creating our lives after all.